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Affichage des articles du janvier, 2016

Open The Box : Skitarri start collecting

Hello all,

Pictures of the skitarii box, start collecting. enjoy.

Mantic : The Walking dead picture

Hello all,

The first picture of the next mantic game, the walking dead.

First problem : The board, very simply and i think mission will be very similar, i thought maybe a tiles sytems will be better.

Two big books, nice, i think good about these.

Cards and token, many many but tokens are ugly, we could'nt see well again and maybe it's a previous version.

And miniatures, we cannot see well, i count 18 and they announcing 20. After see pic, i'm little afraid of gameplay.

AVP : Predator Throwing disk Finished.

Hello all,

I finished the predator from the AVP Boardgame. I was afraid to make bad or very bad. Finally i'm happy, it's a nice pred.

Thank you Morikun !!!

SPACE HULK return to Kalidus LONG VERSION 6 missions

Hello all,

Do you remember sh chroniques? There is a few time ago, he did the Astra militarium rules for Space hulk ^^, for me because i have a Catachan army.

This week a new campaign is ready for play, return to kalidus long version.

Why long, because there is 6 missions now, you could play the 3 officials missions + 3 news missions.

Sorry it's only in french but i'm sure you could find a US translator in your contact. for the Fan, it's just only make the official book, grafik etc...Very very a excellent work.


Saal the tau mercenary

Hello all,

Today i put my first mercenary on this blog, Saal, a tau. It's not my idea and i should tell who did this first.

This guy

I loved Saal and i decided to do the same or close.

My version of saal :

To finish, thanks to you Alskayer for this idea, next step this guy :

Much more difficult, green stuff work needed.

AVP : Aliens vs Predator infants x3

Hello all,

After received like gift from the temple 3 aliens stalker. I starting to paint them after his tutoriel. I added the wounds at the head for one of them like in movie ^^

Good job dude :

And yesterday the episode 2 of the Death jungle is out

The Death Jungle : Episode 2 part 1 is out

This evening the episode 2 part 1 is here. What will happening at our heroes ??? Ork is coming, what he will do ?

I hope you will like and all help is welcome. You can support us by paypal at the right column, if you help me, i could make more vidéos, and buy better computer and materials.

Thanks at all and good looking.