Open The Box : Skitarri start collecting

Hello all,

Pictures of the skitarii box, start collecting. enjoy.


  1. Ahhh, I remember when I bought my first box of skitarii right after it's release - they need some company so I will most probably buy this box, the price is great and models are amazing.

    Praise the Omnissiah!

  2. The price is very good, juste the dunecrawler is few bucks less :), for one time they are good on price, let's go

    1. haha, that's true. And I found that at my local reseller they are selling these boxes even cheaper, like 1 Onegar -15% + Techpriest and Skitarii for free (official GW price is 250PLN and in that store I can get it for 175 while Onegar itself costs 200) - amazing deal:D But I need to finish my current models first:P

  3. same here, only 53 euros with free shipping. Yes amazing deal for sure :). I need finish my Scion too for join the catachan team :)


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