mercredi, juin 22, 2016

Billy from predator movie in 40K? YES !!

Is it possible to make the rescue squad from the predator movie? Yes, today Billy.

Catachan's legs

Catachan's torso

Catachan's arms

And head from............Mad robot miniatures.

They sell the squad, but it miss poncho :(. All heads are same size. Just the mad robot's arms are little but all is ok.

samedi, juin 18, 2016

OPEN BOX : AVP Hellhounds's predator

Few pics from the Hellhounds predator 's dogs

The box

Another box

All stuff

Hole for put the legs and arms

Help picture :)
Prodos are fucking bastards for lies all the time about their kickstarter, i will never buy another of their game, LOAD, WARZONE etc.....

But, the reamity is, their miniatures are very good, sad futur for AVP i think.

mercredi, juin 15, 2016

Shadowrun : Sprawl gangers out or not?

 Shadowrun : Sprawl gangers will be out one day, i'm hoping that, we can see new miniatures pictures.

We can see too a pre order on coll stuff inc  only the rulebook for now. So i'm very curious of this game. Shadowrun miniatures games willbe fantastic

mardi, juin 07, 2016

SPACE HULK : Cult genestealer & Deatwatch mission book

Salut à tous,
Hello all,

Today a new mission book for the Deathwatch and Cult Genestealer, all is on :

6 news missions playbales with the Deathwatch miniatures with their spécial rules. A fantastic new mission rules, no gameplay modification. The best SH creator ruler i know.