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Affichage des articles du juin, 2016

X WING Hound's Tooth cartes

Billy from predator movie in 40K? YES !!

Is it possible to make the rescue squad from the predator movie? Yes, today Billy.

OPEN BOX : AVP Hellhounds's predator

Few pics from the Hellhounds predator 's dogs

Prodos are fucking bastards for lies all the time about their kickstarter, i will never buy another of their game, LOAD, WARZONE etc.....

But, the reamity is, their miniatures are very good, sad futur for AVP i think.

TUTO : Paint Space marine legion of damned.

Tutorial for paint space marine damned legion by Sanctuary painting studio

Shadowrun : Sprawl gangers out or not?

Shadowrun : Sprawl gangers will be out one day, i'm hoping that, we can see new miniatures pictures.

We can see too a pre order on coll stuff inc  only the rulebook for now. So i'm very curious of this game. Shadowrun miniatures games willbe fantastic

SPACE HULK : Cult genestealer & Deatwatch mission book

Salut à tous,
Hello all,

Today a new mission book for the Deathwatch and Cult Genestealer, all is on :

6 news missions playbales with the Deathwatch miniatures with their spécial rules. A fantastic new mission rules, no gameplay modification. The best SH creator ruler i know.