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WH40K V8 : Photoshop Profil Template

Hop !! Enjoy, Photoshop Format (PSD)

I stole the pic during the Live ^^

Empty sheet

It's card size for printer studio, soon i will ask them money for all people i send to them ^^


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NECROMUNDA : Gang sheet Template

Enjoy, my new work, let's a message in the shoot box if you like. If you like Necromunda, watch the last battle report video

Link :

Kill Team : Tactic Cards Template

Rangers of shadow deep : All maps for pen & token version

Hi all,

I finished all maps, so you will find the rar here

Mirror :

Inside you will find, all the bestiary, all the maps and bonus map like a  blank dungeon map, all maps are colour or white & black. Many tokens for make your rangers or pnj etc...

The first map come from heroic maps, so buy it on drivetruth for greetings him.

Thanks at all.