vendredi, novembre 24, 2017

NECROMUNDA : Cards Template

Hello all,

Some templates for Necromunda, weapons, skills, traps and tactica cards template. FR/En version, contact me if you want the template. Contact me for take this in PSD, it's a pay what you want services.

Salut à tous,

Voila mes nouveaux templates en PSD pour necromunda, armes, tactiques, pieges et compétences, contactez moi si cela vous interesses, ils sont en pay what you want.

dimanche, novembre 19, 2017

Core Space KS by Battle Systems

A Great Kickstarter, great company, the old KS was good and no trouble with them go

Un bon kickstarter qui nous évite du kilo plastique inutile à coup de c'est super, c'est génial, un livre de regle disponible, tient ca change des jeux super méga fabuleux sans pouvoir lire la moindre règle.

Bref des gens sérieux qui n'ont jamais eu de souci avec leurs autres kickstarter, qui ne nous prenne pas pour des cons pour vendre un max de pledge pour ne plus jamais suivre leur jeux et passer à leur prochain KS pour toujours faire plus de fric et se reposer sur la communauté pour faire vivre leur jeu et gagner sur la durée un peu plus d'argent, toute facon c'est bonus, c'est cadeau et de super décors

samedi, novembre 18, 2017

NECROMUNDA : Evolutive RPG caracter Sheet WIP

ON the way, i'm waiting list of all skills, if you have the book i need a pic :) thx

Evolutive caracs
List of weapons (pistols, basic, melees)
List of equipement
Gang skills (top right)
General Skills right

vendredi, novembre 17, 2017

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire – Single cards store

On ebay it's possible to find store for buy singles cards for shadowspire :

mercredi, novembre 15, 2017

NECROMUNDA / SWA : Crossover


I loved SWA and i hate GW for do this dead game, Necromunda has plenty fun rules but i don't like gangs. So i want play with my WH40K miniatures.

I rode BOLS articles or they speak about a crossover beetwen SWA & NECROMUNDA. I allready think about it since Necromunda return.

So i decided to make WH40K gang, i think i find a nice way to calculate point, difficult again to add the news caracs points, but with the Necromunda profiles i could make a logic base. I finished the new design of the crossover section and my first Leader, about Straken :

So it's seems very logic approach, but i would Straken less better for he could gains XP during the campaign, trouble, if i take off 2 points in each caracteristics, he is less strongh than a Goliath Leader. For moment i just delete 1 point of wounds.

For calculate points i used this technique :

6+4+4+6+4+-+3+40(4x10)+9(12-3)+6(10-4)+2(10-2)+3(10-7) X(Multiple) Wounds

It's not perfect but enough close to start new profil, i did on leader and champion, it's close, juves are not ok, far for understand it's not good.

dimanche, novembre 05, 2017

NECROMUNDA : WD maps in 3D

I decided after read white dwarf to make the battle report's map in 3D.

With time i built many scenery, sometimes i sell them on ebay sometimes i keep for play, during the last year i decided to make scenery for underhive & space hulk, before the news necromunda.

First i released a dark table, easy to use in many scenarios.

The map
In center i make a ruin tower for fun

The top left map, i used Space hulk doors for moment, i will buy the doors in 2 weeks, i used GW conteiners for walls, because 1 necromunda's square = 2 of my square. Theyr are perfect for walls and i can use for jump on. In center i put a battlesystems scenery

Left down corner of map, i used my builded walls, easy to make easy to use, easy to put in a box. For fun i added a little scenery, it's a acid river, i can put on walkways

Conteiners are very useful for necromunda, i customize mine, for jump, and move miniatures inside. You can find them on ebay, because i'm making another 3, i don't need too much.

Space hulk doors........Need news doors

So i dont think buy Necromunda box, i dont like gang, i will use my GI army for play, i don't need tiles, i will buy dice, scenery, cards separately and i'm sure they will release a rule book alone or i find it on ebay easily.

Good games all