mercredi, novembre 15, 2017

NECROMUNDA / SWA : Crossover


I loved SWA and i hate GW for do this dead game, Necromunda has plenty fun rules but i don't like gangs. So i want play with my WH40K miniatures.

I rode BOLS articles or they speak about a crossover beetwen SWA & NECROMUNDA. I allready think about it since Necromunda return.

So i decided to make WH40K gang, i think i find a nice way to calculate point, difficult again to add the news caracs points, but with the Necromunda profiles i could make a logic base. I finished the new design of the crossover section and my first Leader, about Straken :

So it's seems very logic approach, but i would Straken less better for he could gains XP during the campaign, trouble, if i take off 2 points in each caracteristics, he is less strongh than a Goliath Leader. For moment i just delete 1 point of wounds.

For calculate points i used this technique :

6+4+4+6+4+-+3+40(4x10)+9(12-3)+6(10-4)+2(10-2)+3(10-7) X(Multiple) Wounds

It's not perfect but enough close to start new profil, i did on leader and champion, it's close, juves are not ok, far for understand it's not good.

2 commentaires:

  1. En fait je n'avais pas percuté que GW avait fait de SWA un "one shot" déjà enterré... Moi j'aime bien les gangs de Necromunda ^^

    Beau boulot en tout cas ^^


  2. Ah si et ca m'a bien calmé sur le coup, je vais continuer mes kill teams, ca marche très bien, en prenant les règles de nécromunda mieux finis que SWA. Merci ^^, bientot infinity :)